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Consumer Checkpoint
by Bill Oemichen

August 2015



Bill Oemichen, president & CEO of Cooperative Network, is an attorney and from 1996–2001 was Wisconsin’s top consumer protection official.

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Utilities Unite to "Slam the Scam"

Tax Time Scams

Tools for College Savings

Identity Theft Leads 2014 Complaint List

Cooperatives are Guided by Unique Set of Principles

Mail Delivery Delays Hurting Rural America

Parting Thought: Choose Co-ops







Beware of Scam Targeting Electric Co-op Members

Cooperatives Give Back
Scholarships Available at Many Cooperatives

Propane Emergency Defines Our Winter

Propane Crisis Elicits Reader Response

More Utilities Scams Striking Wisconsin

Mutual Insurance Companies are Cooperatively-Owned

United Kingdom Cooperatives Investing in Local Communities

After the Storm:Beware of Crooked Contractors

Online Security in the Internet Wild West


October is Co-op Month in Badgerland

Utility Scams Continue to Evolve

Data Breaches Costing Consumers Billions

Disastrous Fire Weighs on
Clothing Industry, Consumer

Be Careful About Deferred-interest Credit Cards
Wisconsin Credit Unions
Thriving in Uncertain Economy

Watch for Tax Return ID-theft Scams

File Your Taxes Online for Free

Readers’ Questions and Responses

Wisconsin Legislature Considers Bills Impacting Consumers

Storm Damage Aftermath: Be Careful When Donating to New Charities

Don’t Wreck Your Credit Score


Checking and Debit Card Alternatives Now Offered in Wisconsin

Cybercriminals Seek Control
of Your Mobile Device

Will the Advertised Diet Plan Actually Work?

Toss Food's Past Their Expiration Point?

U.S. Senator Raises Cell Phone Privacy Issue
Facebook Faces Privacy Concerns
Designs New School Accountability
Is Google Protecting Your Online Privacy?
Thrivent Bank to Become a Credit Union

Consumer Confidence, Loyalty Gained with Personal Touch

Airlines Improve 2011 Performance

Stockholders Beginning to Vote Against Excessive CEO Compensation

Senator Herb Kohl Raises Red Flag on Television Pricing

Is a Health-Insurance Exchange Coming to You?


Issue for Congress: “Too Big to Fail” Banking

Regulators Zero-in on
Potentially Dangerous Energy Drinks

Is Rural America Left Behind by Broadband?

Watch Out for Those Hidden Travel Taxes This Holiday Travel Season

Internet Privacy Becoming
a Consumer Protection Issue

Feds Crack Down on Deceptive Product Ads
Does Actress Jamie Lee Curtis Know What She’s Talking About?

The Incredible Shrinking Package...but Not the Price
Retailers and Your Zip Code

Is Radon a Danger in Your Home?

Is Your Computer or Smart Phone Tracking Where You Are?

The Wisconsin Consumer Protection Top 10 Complaints

Harmful Credit Union Provision Becomes Law

Watch out for Telemarketing Schemes

What Large Telecom Acquisition Could Mean to You


Do Parents Need Greater Tools to Protect Children’s Online Privacy?

Renters May Face New Security-Deposit Obstacles

Improve Your Credit Score
Tax Time Education for Tax Preparers
Make Your Airline Travel Dollars Go Further
FTC Acts Against
LifeLock for ID Theft Misre-

Wisconsin Unfair Sales Act: Unfair to Whom?

Clean Energy Jobs Act Dies in the Legislature

Do Not Call Violations Once Again Lead
Consumer Protection Top 10 Complaint List

Financial Reform Grabs Congressional Spotlight

Internet Confidentiality an Increasing Issue

Judge Penalizes Large Bank
for Deceptive Business Practices

Beware of Scholarship Scams

Court Considers Minors’ Access to Violent Video Games
Beware of Medicare Fraud
Online Coupons Provide Savings
Be Wary: Credit Counseling in Tough Financial Times
Flying the Turbulent Skies
Top 10
Complaints for 2008

Feds, State Advance Consumer Protection Legislation

Annuities: Are They for You?

Oil Franchise Tax: A Tax on Consumers Defeated

Credit Union Conversions to a Bank: Governor Doyle Halts a Bad Idea by the Legislature
New FTC Rule Bans Annoying Robocalls
Beware: Thieves Who Say They Are From Your Electric Cooperative
Local Consumer Protection Offices to Close
Supreme Court Weighs Reasonableness of Mutual Fund Fees
Reverse Mortgages
- Are They  for You?
Time for a New Year’s
Financial Checkup
Congress Consider
New Regulations
on Credit Cards
Top 10
Consumer Issues
for 2007
Do Consumer Protection Laws Apply to What Political Candidates Say?
Eliminating Most Catalog Mailings
New Scrap Metal Theft Law Benefits Electric Co-op Members
Court May Weaken Home Buyers’ Protections
Congress Stengthens
Consumer Product Safety
Carbon Cap-and-Trade: A Consumer Issue?
Checking Your Financial Institution’s Stability
Be Wary: Backorders Loom; New ID-Theft Scams Develop
Gift Card Scam Appears to be Real
Need Insurance?
& Consumer Protection Continues to Find Stores with Incorrect Retail Scanners
2006 Top Ten Consumer Complaints
U.S. Senate InvestigatesCredit Card Practices
Is TV4US Good for Wisconsin?
Is Your Child Safe Online?

Is Google Protecting Your Privacy on the Internet?

What Are Your Rights When Airlines Lose Your Luggage?

in the
Airline Industry

Copper Thieves Could Cost You More

Beware of Electric Bill Payment Scam

Watch Out for Flood Recovery Scams

Phishing Scam May Strike Close To Your Home
Making Sure Toys Are Safe
Do You Support“A La Carte” Television Pricing?
Tax Season Warning: Beware of Refund-Anticipation Loans 
No Call and Phone Company Complaints Lead ’05 Top 10 Complaint List
Is “” A Safe Place For Children?
Are Your Children Safe on the Internet – Part II 
 Wisconsin Legislature Has Mixed 2006 Consumer Protection Record
Wisconsin Acts to Combat Identity Theft 
More Tools To Protect You on the Internet 
Back to School Time: Protect Your Student From Criminals 
Do Some Members of Congress Want You to Subsidize Earthquake and Hurricane Damage Relief? 
Your Airplane Ticket Price May Not Be What it Seems 
Protecting Your Children Online  
Interested in Getting Your Free Credit Report?
No-Call Telemarketing Leads 2004 Top 10 Complaints
The 2005 Tax Season is Here!
Identity Theft Scams Strike Again and Again
The Do Not Call Law and Your Cell Phone
Phishing: The Consumer Crime of 2005?
Is An Interest-Only Mortgage Right for You? 
Freezing Credit Becomes ID Theft Response& Is the Employee Car Discount Right For You?
Lawmakers Tackle Gift-Card Problems
Legislature Considers Negative-Option Billing Ban
Wading Through the Floods: Damaged Cars, Charity Scams
Watch Out for Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Enrollment Scams 
It’s 2004 and Reader Concerns Keep Coming
No-Call Telemarketing Leads 2004 Top 10 Complaints
Want To Build Your Own Mutual Fund?
Don’t Become a Victim of Phishing
The Hunt for the Right Credit Card
Do You Feel Like Someone is Watching You When You Are On The Internet?
Flying the Unfriendly Skies— Part Three
Watch Out fo Gas-Saving Scams
Time Again to Sign up for the Wisconsin “Do Not Call” Telemarketer Registry
The Credit Crush: Are Young Adults At Risk?
Exploring the Insurance Maze
Thinking About Giving A Cell Phone for Christmas?
Beware of January Fitness Center Problems and Weight-Reduction Scams
The 2002 Top 10 Consumer Problems
Tired of those Pop-up Ads on the Interent?
The Mutual Fund Fee Problem—
Part 1
The Mutual Fund Fee Problem—
Part 2
Have You Noticed Unauthorized Charges on Your Credit Card?
What the State Budget Cuts to Consumer Protection Could Mean for You
Flying the Unfriendly Skies— Part One
Flying the Unfriendly Skies— Part Two
Have A CLUE About Your Insurance Claims History. It Really Matters!
Making Sense of the Battle Over the Do Not Call Telemarketer Registry
Helpful Holiday Shopping Tips
No Article
No Article
No Article
You Too, Can Stop Unwanted Credit Card Solicitations from Coming to Your Mail Box
Protect Your Identity from Theft!
Tired of the Telemarketer? Take Action!
No Article
No Article
Is “Work at Home” Too Good to Be True?
Is Your Student Thinking About a Credit Card?
Wisconsin "Do Not Call" List is Underway
’Tis the Season To Be Wary
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